The birthstone for October is an Opal. Opal is classified in three primary types according to body color supporting the play of colors. These types are black, white and transparent. Opals can have body colors such as colorless, yellow, brown, red or orange. The later is better known under the name of fire opal. The most famous opals are harlequin, pinpoint, flash, peacock and flame opal.

The ancient Greeks believed opal could give the wearer the power of foresight. The Romans revered opal as the symbol of hope and purity, and believed it could protect from disease. Eastern people regarded it as the symbol of truth. The Ancient Arabs believed it came from heaven, and that it acquired the play of color from flashes of lightning. In the Middle Ages, opal was thought to be beneficial for eyesight, some people even believed it could render the wearer invisible.

Myth... It is unlucky to wear an opal if it's not your birthstone

Fact... The opal is the traditional birthstone of people born in October, however it has been considered that wearing opal actually shields you from any bad luck. The bad luck myth could have been influenced by the opal's fragility.