Garnet, the birthstone for January derives its name from the Latin for Gooseberry because of the rounded crystal.  When we think of Garnets today most people think of the "Red" garnets, also know as almadine and pyrope all shades of red.  What many people do not know is that the garnet can very in colours from streaks of white, Red with brown tints, Red with a violet tint all the way to oranges with red and brown hues and beautiful greens and emerald green.


     The legend of the garnet is that it provides the wearer with guidence and protection in the night, shielding you from nighmares.  It is also said to enchance strength and endurance as well as reducing joint pain and swelling.  

     Its up for debate as to the garnet providing all these benefits, however with so many beautiful colours to choose from the garnet has a wide appeal for men as well as women.  If your birthday is in January you are fortunate to have so many choices of beautiful colours in the garnet, if you just love beautiful stones you can choose from a variety of colours for your next beautiful piece of jewelery.  Stop in and see us, let us help you choose the right garnet for you.